Vodak Infusions

One of my favorite gifts to give is something that has a little of my personality in it but is also something the recipient will really enjoy. This past holiday season I infused vodkas for my friends, and I think I'm the only one that has any left! I made one large batch of Oolong tea infused vodka. They all prefer it straight up or over the rocks, but I like to shake mine up with a little simple syrup and lemon. Today I'm making a few different varieties in smaller batches using what's fresh and in season right now. They're perfect to give out as hostess gifts or to have on hand for the spur-of-the-moment BBQs and guests. And you don't have to spend a lot on fancy, expensive, sugar-laden mixers.

Infusions Du Jour:

Pink Grapefruit
White Peach

The grapefruit, peach, and cucumber can all be enjoyed solo or shaken with a little simple syrup. The rosemary is sophisticated and complex so should be paired with care. The pepper infusion (I'm using jalapeno and serrano today) is a great base for a Bloody Mary.

It's very simple to do: slice up your favorite fruit or vegetable, leave herbs sprigs whole, and for tea: bagged or loose will work. Simply place your flavor of choice in a jar and cover with vodka. Cover and refrigerate until desired potency is reached. For stronger flavors like the pepper, rosemary, and tea, a few days should be plenty. For the peach and grapefruit, you want to let them stand for about a week. Depending on your vodka:ingredient ratio, you will want to stir the batch every few days. Once the batch is ready strain out your ingredients using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth in the case of any loose tea or particles, jar, label, and refrigerate until ready to use!

Hope you get to experiment with your own flavors and enjoy some delicious combinations this summer and wow your friends (even though it's really easy...but I'm not telling anyone that!).

Devonly, yours

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