One man's treasure

I had the most marvelous weekend this past week staying with our dear friends in Brooklyn. We had brunch at the best little place you'd ever stumble upon (which is exactly what we did last November) complete with mimosas and Bloody Mary's, Eggs Benedict and delicious company. From there, we found the best Flea Market I've ever seen in Forte Green. If only I had a place to take all the treasures I wish I could have bought! I am now in hot pursuit of some of Seattle's better Flea Markets to visit. I will keep you posted on the ones I find. The key to these is that you have to be willing to hunt, and to barter. Below are some snaps I took while wondering around in the warn sun:

Nothing like a cool ice cream after a hot day of bargaining. This weekend, look for some new treasures in some old places.


  1. tell me you bought me a typewriter?!

    or just a pair of blue converse.

  2. ridiculous! what an amazing selections of temptations (not to mention great photography!!)