Lunching Ladies

My dear friend, CRM joined me for lunch today and to help me wade through the blogging world's features, tricks, and tips (hope you like the result-in-process!). I love lunching because it's usually a fresh delicious meal that has the rest of the day to digest. And it gives me an excuse to make some yummy recipes I've been dying to try.

For our menu today, I made:

THESE! So good...
Frissee salad
Coconut macaroons

The frissee salad is super simple: toss a head of frissee with the juice from half a small lemon, a splash of olive oil, a drizzle of white truffle oil, and some salt and pepper. Yum! Try it tonight!

Devonly, yours

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  1. Apparently, Harley was really cute during that picture.

    That was Yummms.