Strawberry Yogurt Pie in the Sky

You know those "ah-ha!" moments that come only, oh, I don't know, once in a blue moon? Well, this was definitely one of mine. I know you will love this pie, and because it's so easy to make and dare I say? Not that unhealthy, it's quickly becoming a staple in my household. I came up with the idea for this recipe when I was scavenging through my kitchen for a fast breakfast. All I had on hand were strawberries, yogurt, and left-over graham cracker crust. I would take a strawberry, dip it in the yogurt and then in the crust. Oh, my! It was so good I wasted no time in making this delicious pie!
{Don't tell anyone, but I eat for breakfast too!}

You will need:
1 3/4 lbs. fresh strawberries, hulled
20 graham cracker squares
3 TB. sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/3 cup butter, melted
11oz. plain greek yogurt
1 TB. honey

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Crush the graham crackers until they are very fine (a blender or rolling pin and Ziploc bag work just fine)
  2. Combine said crumbs, sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl. Pour the melted butter over and stir to combine. Press into a 9" pie dish and bake 10 minutes or until golden. Let cool completely.
  1. Once cool, spread the yogurt over the entire crust.
  2. Wash strawberries* and fill pie dish.
  3. If the honey you are using isn't in a pourable condition, melt it in the microwave. A word of caution: honey melts fast and can bubble over your container if you aren't careful, making a sticky mess!

There's nothing like fresh strawberries in the summertime, and in this pie, they don't get much better. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

Devonly, Yours

*A note about washing berries: You want to wash berries right before you are about to use/eat them. Strawberries are a little more forgiving than it's more delicate relatives, but they will be the freshest and most tender if you wash them right before using. To keep them fresh store them in a breathable plastic container with a paper towel folded inside.


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  2. I'm about to eat this RIGHT NOW.... seriously. You're making it in the kitchen with Niki. Can't wait.