Sweet tooth

Sometimes, all you want is a cupcake.

That's how today is.




Hello, Monday!

Isn't it so in life, when you think you are making progress and something seems to be going your way, BAM! you are hit blind-sighted with failure and discouragement? I feel as I'm taking one step forward and two steps back in my studio. I was having such marvelous success on a ring using a beautiful piece of landscape jasper I started today to being with: everything soldered on the first attempt! It has been taking me 4-5 tries up until now. And then just as I was getting a little wind under my wings, the bezel was too tall and half the ring snapped off the back as I was man-handling it. So, I know it looks a little elementary and rough right now, maybe I can fix it. Oh, bother. It's all a learning process, I know. But I'm a little impatient (if you haven't already figured that out!) and easily discouraged when things don't work out just as I had planned them.

Well, friends, it's off to laundry, an energetic pup, and these! for an afternoon snack! Hope you've had a happy Monday!