Get Lost (in a good way)

One thing I love about Seattle is all the little neighborhoods and hidden streets. I love going to a new section of town, parking my car and getting lost in the streets. It allows me to see a side of the city that I never knew. I pop in my headphones, grab my camera, and see what I can find. Today I wandered around the more residential side of Greenlake and I found (besides my house envy) some great little scenes.

Azaleas at their last few days

A bustling cafe window

The cutest thing I saw: a tuckered out pooch dozing in a beautiful backyard

Succulents are the plants that will survive the end of the world

The next time you're bored on a sunny weekend, take your camera and get lost. You might be surprised what you find.

Devonly, yours


  1. those friggen succulents are amazing!

  2. I LOVE doing exactly the same thing! You really do find the best hidden treasures that way.

    p.s. Can I make a bloggy request? You made this really fantastic swiss chard salad thingy last Summer, and I've got a wee bit too much chard right now...