Nooks and Crannies

There are many little spaces in our houses that leave little to the imagination. In mine, there just happen to be a lot! There are easy ways to dress up a bedside table, a corner of a bookshelf, or an odd-shaped nook in a wall. Experiment with mixing and matching different items of different sizes (try to stick with one large item per space, a maximum of two if the space is rather large). Here is a list of items to consider grouping together to make a corner of your home look like a magazine spread:

Books (pair in odd numbers for a more aesthetically pleasing appeal)
Potted plants (make sure they aren't going to leak on other items)
Cut flowers in smaller vases or in my case, an empty wine bottle
Figurines or small statues
A bowl full of found objects: rocks, shells, or vintage keys
Bookends or paperweights perhaps not doing their intended duty

Devonly, yours

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