Have a stake out

My poor plants were all looking so sad a droopy, so I gave them a little lift! Staking your plants allows them to continue to grow up, up, and away! as they get a little top heavy. My plants that needed uplifting were my peonies (a typical plant that needs support), tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and some flowers. Here are some different ways you can stake your plants for proper support as they grow:

{A pre-made trellis that you can buy at a hardware store is ideal for climbing vines}

{When tomatoes are young, tie them to a post to encourage their upward mobility}

{As tomatoes get larger, cages can help to support them all around}

{Even just some string will do the trick!}

{A stake with a loop or "cage" is great for tall, top-heavy plants. Garden centers also sell peony- specific supports, I think this works fine for now, especially since my peony is still young and hasn't grown to it's full potential}

Give your plants a hand and something to lean on for a happier, healthier garden.

Devonly, yours

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