What I did this Weekend: Events

This past weekend was a typical Seattle weekend: Events and happenings all over the city. Plus a mixture of weather. Saturday was hot and steamy, then rolled in the thunder clouds with a cold and rainy Sunday. I'd like to say that I got a lot accomplished, but I must say Jason will take the cake on that one. He single handedly completed our beautful deck. Isn't it lovely?

Saturday, Seattle Tilth had a city chicken tour where urban-dwellers having chickens opened up their yards and coops for the rest to come and learn. Unfortunately, I was at work, so Jason ventured this one alone. He stayed only in West Seattle, but got some great ideas (and some to avoid). Have I mentioned we're planning a coop of our own?

Not exactly sure the idea or humor behind this church-inspired roost.

Then once the weather turned sour and I didn't have to be at work, the Georgetown Garden Tour took place on Saturday. We got some great ideas for our yard and enjoyed the unique neighborhood that is our neighbor.

But it rained...

And rained some more...

After all the tours, we headed over to the West Seattle Summer Festival and found some great local artisans and businesses. But, the rain got the best of us and we had to duck inside. And the best part was, it was all in our neck of the woods. All in all, I say we had a very productive and eventful weekend. How was your weekend?

Devonly, yours

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