A few of my favorite things...

My birthday is fast approaching and here are a few items on my "wish list" (if I had the money to have a wish list like this!)

How cute and comfortable is this?

This is perfect for bouncing around town in the summer time.

Everyone needs a pair of jeans that feel as comfortable as these look.

I've been pining after a watch lately, and this is the perfect balance between sophistication and casual attire, don't you think?

Every cow-girl at heart needs a belt like this!

I don't even need to explain why...

I could lounge in this beauty all the time...however, I think I would prefer it in a lime green with yellow accents.

The bigger the better.

What do you get when you combine cotton knit tank and flowy skirt? This adorable little dress.

Don't you love the lines and the print on this little number?

This is actually the one item on this list that I actually need.

(but what' the fun of a wish list if you actually need the items?)

Devonly, yours

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