Jewelery Pin Board

I have finally gotten to the point where my little hanging tree is full to the limbs with my jewelery and my earrings are falling off the branches. So, I decided to make a quick, easy, affordable, and adorable way to store and display my jewelery: a pin board!

You will need:

1 purchased pin board with frame
Fabric of your choice
Double-sided tape
Krazy Glue
Pins for pinning
All-purpose craft paint in color of your choice

Step 1: Cut fabric a little larger than the size of your pin board. Using the double-sided tape, fold under edges and tape down.

Step 2: Repeat this on all sides of the fabric until it is exactly the size of your pin board.

Pin down the fabric in place on the opposite sides that have been completed to ensure exact measurement.

Step 3: Flip the fabric over to right side up and glue the edges down and press down to secure.

Step 4: Paint the edges (if desired) a coordinating color for the fabric.

Pin jewelery up and display! This is easily hung on a wall or displayed on a table/dresser top, depending on the size of pin board you choose. Hope you enjoy making this and having a new and stylish way of displaying your jewelery.

Devonly, yours

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