Found Art

I'm always looking for inexpensive and unique ways to decorate my house. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good expensive piece. But I won't exactly be displaying any Picasso around here. Here are some items that I found either in my yard, my neighbors "junk" pile, and the craft store that are displayed in my bedroom. I love the feeling of my room: it's like a dreamy tree house to me...perfect for lulling me to sleep and awaking me with a smile.

This window had been sitting in my neighbor's garage for a long while and was collecting quite the cobweb collection. After a little TLC, it is the perfect piece of found art next to my bed.

Above, branches from the pruning of my lilac make a great addition to my room. Just make sure the branches can lay flat enough against the wall that they won't be poking any eyes out.

I had these little hanging glass vases that at one time had terrariums in them, but due to my unique knack for killing every house plant that dare cross my threshold, it now has something unliving: buttons! But they add such a nice touch of vibrancy and playfulness to my otherwise dull corner. I strung buttons on fishing wire and hung them from the ceiling and filled the vases with the remaining buttons.

Devonly, yours

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