Victory, sweet victory

As I laid in bed waking up this morning, I was determined to not let my failures yesterday stop me so soon. So I threw on a sweatshirt and slippers and not even stopping for any morning tea went down to my studio and conquered that solder! Ahhh...it was so nice to see that solder flow. Of course, this ring is by no means perfect or really well done. I dropped the stone when fitting the bezel and broke it in half. Then proceeded to krazy glue it together (and to my self for a while as well!), I don't have the right polishing agents, so it's not quite as pretty as I would like it to be, I realized some solder didn't actually take and the tip isn't soldered correctly, and this was my very first attempt at doing a bezel (the part that wraps around the stone). But all in all, I'm very pleased and happy with the outcome! I will wear it proudly and puff up my chest, even though anyone who really knows anything about working with jewelry would most likely scoff at my elementary attempts. But I won't care, I'll flaunt it around and get a tan line around it.

Look for more to come hopefully soon!!!



*Disclaimer: I know this may look like some other pieces that you've seen out there that are created by others. I in no way mean to copy or "steal" anyone's designs. I merely am trying to teach myself how to make things and am inspired by so many other artists. I truly am looking for my own voice with my art and I feel by exploring many other styles and concepts I will eventually find my own. So I sincerely hope and pray I have made no enemies by taking a wonderful idea and attempting it myself.


  1. Nice job! This is a first attempt? It will probably always be your favorite ring even if you make hundreds of others.

    Someone reminded me once that no one ever has an original idea. Everything is influenced by something else. That helped me feel more free to pursue whatever ideas came to mind, even if I felt like they were "stolen" from someone else's creative mind.

  2. get a tan line! wooohoo.

    atta girl.