The Olympics (mountains, of course)

Well friends, I have just spent the weekend with my dear friend in New York, walking miles and miles in the bitter cold winter that is the East Coast. But we were not cold - we had warm hearts, hours of endless conversation, delicious food, and the bright winter sun to keep us toasty. And now back on Pacific, I gaze at our mountains of earth and green trees after being surrounded by the Atlantic's mountains of steel beams and brown stones. My absolute favorite view in this city is driving up the Aurora viaduct on a sunny morning and seeing the snow capped mountains of the Olympics ablaze in the low morning sun. It's amazing I haven't had any fender-benders, as that scene demands all my attention.

So, here is ring number two! I call it the Olympics ring - after those jagged peaks of that gorgeous mountain range. I was actually surprised how easily this came together given that it was the first of it's kind I've ever attempted. However, I have not figured out how to size the rings very well yet. I thought this would be the perfect for my middle finger and alas, it's even too big for my thumb! But, I will get there, now that I know that pounding out a size "7" will in turn become more like an "8"! But I'm already planning out my next, and I'm rather excited to get it complete and show it to you! Until then...



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