House Plants

A lot of my house plants have been out-growing their pots lately, so it's time to repot them into larger containers. However, there are some guidlines you should know about when repotting your house plants.
While you might think it would just be easier to stick your tiny plant into a large container as you think it might one day grow to that size, this is not the case. The new pot should be 1-2" larger in diameter (at the top) than the old pot - MAX. Because the roots of your plant are only a big as the last pot they were in, they would not be getting efficient water as all the water would sink to the bottom where the roots are not yet reaching. So you need to take it little by little when growing your indoor plants.
Also, holes at the bottom of the pot are essential for preventing root rot. Some suggest a gravely mixture at the bottom to aid in drainage as well. And speaking of rot: I've experienced a plant that will mold at the top from too much water if I'm not careful. This is a sure time to repot your plant.
And lastely, when you move the plant to the new pot, by pulling apart the roots you will help them grow into your new pot more quickly.
So, happy house planting to you and long live your house plants!
Devonly, yours

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