Fall's Glory

Some of you know how much I love love love fall. The crispness in the air, the bright golden light that seems to last all day, the leaves - Oh!! the leaves! Bundling up after a long summer of being exposed, comforting stews and squashes. But, my dear friends: do you also know how much I love pumpkin beer? And I'm not talking just any pumpkin beer. The Elysian Night Owl pumpkin beer is the best pumpkin beer you will ever have privy to try. And given that they only produce it during th fall months, I have to take in as much as possible while it's around. And last night was my first sip of the year. yummm.....this year they have prodiced a magnificent batch. The spices - allspices, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon - that they use really come through and it's the best yet.
Well, before you all go running to the Elysian, let me tell you about something that made me as giddy as school girl when I found out:
The 5th Annual Great Pumkin Beer Fest
30 pumkin beers on tap from various vendors plus 9 Elysian brews including Night Owl, The Great Pumpkin, Dark ’O the Moon Pumpkin Stout, Hansel & Gretel Ginger Pumpkin Pilsner, Mr. Yuck Sour Pumpkin Ale, Jack ’O Bite Barrel-aged Scottish Pumpkin Ale, Bete N’Owl Dark Belgian, 8472 Amber Sour and Pumpkin Hefeweizen.
Won't you come and join me in celebrating fall?
Oct. 10th 12-10pm & Oct. 11th 12-6pm
The Elysian, Capitol Hill

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