Monday Morning

Look what was waiting outside my front door on my lavender to greet me this morning!

After some light research, I discovered this is a yellow crab spider. Luckily they are not poisonous and avoid humans at all costs. I also learned that they are sometimes referred to as "flower spiders" because they tend to wait on the petals of flowers to catch their prey, or "wandering spiders" because they do not build webs, but are more active hunters. They are also found mostly in Kentucky. Poor little guy is a LONG way from home!! It caught my eye right away as I walked outside - the contrast of colors from his bright yellow body to the purple lavender is stunning!

Oh, and if you ever wanted to do any research on spiders via the inter web, I must advise you not to have just eaten a hearty breakfast if you get slightly queazy at the sight of very large spiders on your computer screen. I might be a little green still...



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