The Chickies are getting SO BIG! However, sad to say: turns out one is a rooster. I had already contemplated what I was going to do with a rooster if I ended up with one. Well, maybe not exactly what I was going to do but whatever it was it involved not keeping it. BUT....

He's the nicest, sweetest, gentlest (need I mention quietest?) one of the lot. He will gladly hop right up into my hands and perch on my arm. He will snuggle up on my lap and lay down for a nap. Oh, I'm so torn...Jason keeps reminding me they are food and not pets, but just look at them! You try telling any Polly Ana with half a heart beat you want to kill that soft little fluff ball that thinks you're it's mother and well...it's just not gonna happen. That being said, anyone know of what I can do with a rooster or where I can send it that they won't give it the 'ole Anne Boleyn?

They do this really cute thing when I take them outside in the sunshine - they half lay/half fall down onto one side and spread their little wings out. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen! I had two perched on my arm doing just that. What a sight to see! I was tickled pink. I will definitely have more pictures to come soon. I actually took these pictures last week and they already are so much bigger! Their feathers are just popping out of them as fast as you can blink.

Until then, chirp chirp and peep peep!




  1. They are food?! You will be eating the actual chicken? I thought they were for eggs! I don't know if I could go through with it!

  2. I want to come and visit your new friends. Brent wants chickens now!