A new love

Lately I have been contemplating purchasing a Lomography camera. The basic idea behind a lomography camera is that it produces "happy accidents" by letting a little more light in, over-exposing, bluring the edges, etc. I use a website to treat my photographs before uploading them here and really like the "lomo" treatment. My friend let me borrow his Dianna to play around with. I am so desperate to see how my photos turn out - you actually have to have them developed! How much I have come to rely on the instant gratification of digital cameras. How did anyone ever know they took a good photo!?! But alas, I will wait...

I don't think that I actually used the camera properly for the first few frames - I couldn't quite tell if the film was advancing (or I was unwinding it, which was quite a pain in the keaster to wind!), and how far to advance it. So, I'll be curious to see what they look like.

I took her for a walk on Queen Ann. I went to school in that neighborhood and spend so many a hour walking those streets and lusting after those gorgeous homes. Here's a few snaps I took with my digital - can't resist the wait! But I'll definitely share the others with you once they're developed.

Cobblestone streets

Vines creeping along a curved wall

This is moss growing on top of a stone rail, so fuzzy!

Devonly, yours

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  1. Beautiful photos! Can't wait for the others!